THE SEE WALL: Bedwyr Williams

22.01.2022 - 08.05.2022

Bedwyr Williams

Showing across both galleries at East Quay from January 2022, The See Wall is a new body of work that focuses on a fictional older artist and the obsessive care he takes to ensure all his clothing and belongings wear out and age at an equal rate. His immaculate jeans and his extra supple shoes are worn and laundered in such a fussy way that they never develop holes, fray, or come apart at the seams. 

He is an ageing fusspot artist like many others. However, he is an ageing fusspot who harbours a secret. While holes and worn-out things are not part of his life, this judgemental voyeur enjoys observing and contemplating the battered shoes and shambolic jeans of others as some kind-of exquisite self-torture. 

The exhibition will comprise film, painting, and installation, all created in 2021. 

Bedwyr Williams lives and works in North Wales. Previously, he had solo exhibitions at Southwark Park Galleries and the Barbican Art Centre, London; the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, and the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. He has contributed to shows at Hayward and Saatchi galleries in London, and Hauser and Wirth in Somerset. In 2013 he represented Wales at the Venice Biennale and was shortlisted for the Artes Mundi Prize in 2016.

Images: ©Bedwyr Williams, 2021