Information for School Groups

Have you booked your school group’s gallery tour and workshop? We offer guided gallery tours and practical, creative workshops to help children and young people of all ages connect with our exhibitions.

A gallery tour and workshop will take approximately 2 hours, so why not make the most of your visit to Watchet by choosing an additional experience for your school trip from the opportunities below.

Download the pre-visit guide and booking form and return to

Zoe Snape, Artist-Led Session

Artist-led session ‘What Is Art Anyway?’ is an exploration of art in all its forms with East Quay-based artist, Zoe Snape. Working with three-dimensional objects and with reference to a diverse range of artists, this workshop aims to improve team-working skills, introduces art vocabulary, and builds confidence in talking about less conventional art, while gently challenging any pre-conceived ideas of what art can be. This workshop can be adapted to suit any age group. Charges apply.

Albatross Print Studio

Albatross Print Studio offer you the chance to come and meet printmakers Sue and Sarah and learn about art through printmaking. Students will make their own collagraph plate with textured scraps such as dried and pressed leaves, ferns, lace, netting, threads, textured wallpaper, cut out shapes. They will learn to ink up the plate and print it on our etching press. This workshop can be adapted to suit any age group. Charges apply.


Geckoella is a specialist consultancy covering geology, ecology and heritage. East Quay will house their exciting new geology workshop and rock room where they will cut and analyse rocks and minerals and carry out fossil preparation. For schools, Geckoella have developed these workshops to support relevant National Curriculum science and geography programmes of study:

Rocks and fossils - compare and group different types of rocks on the basis of appearance and simple physical properties and learn how fossils are formed.

This will be a combination of outdoor field study (looking at fossils in the rocks and sedimentary rocks in the field at Helwell Bay) and indoor work (looking at a wider range of rocks - sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic and their constituent minerals).

This session is aimed at Year 3/4. Charges apply.

Evolution – exploring how living things have changed over time. Fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago and demonstrate animals and plants being adapted to their environment.

This will be a combination of field study (fossils in the rocks, evolution of ammonite types, other fossil groups and morphological adaptations at Helwell Bay) and indoor work (looking at a wider range of fossils, comparison of fossil and living forms in similar environments, trace fossils – investigating how animals lived).

A session aimed at Year 5/6. Charges apply.

Earth and atmosphere - the rock cycle and the formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock.

This will mainly be an indoor, practical session, which will involve handling different rock types, viewing sections of different rocks through microscope projections, seeing (in the workshop) how we cut, prepare, and analyse carbonate rocks, and exploring the different minerals that make up rocks and their chemistry.

A session aimed at Year 7/8/9. Charges apply.

Watchet Boat Museum

Watchet Boat Museum is a treasure-trove of artefacts and paraphernalia related to the local mud-traversing fishing boat, the Flatner, and Watchet’s maritime history. Interactive exhibits will be sure to delight including a flatner play boat, ship's wheel and navigation, pulleys and weights, and children’s trails and activity sheets. Invite Chris along and he’ll teach you how to make a piece of rope – and he’ll even let you take some back to school as a souvenir.

Watchet Visitor Centre

Watchet Visitor Centre is a great place to start if you are keen to learn about Watchet’s history, heritage, folklore and/or geography. There’s not much that Visitor Centre manager Fiona doesn’t know about our seaside hometown, AND she’s always happy to share her stories and knowledge! Suitable for all age groups and tailorable to your school’s curriculum needs.

East Quay, Watchet Visitor Centre and Watchet Boat Museum are appreciative of donations from our local schools; a fee structure applies to schools from further afield and the private sector.