Adult Art Courses and Workshops November 2023

We have lots of creative courses to choose from...

Introduction to Acrylics with Natasha Eveleigh ● 07.11.2023 and 14.11.2023 ● 10.30am-12.30pm ● £60

A relaxing introduction in using Acrylic paint, exploring a number of fun techniques.

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Gelli–printing with Caroline Bradbury ● 07.11.2023 ● 2-4pm ● £15 

Learn how to create and layer-up quick, colourful ,monoprints, using textural materials on gelatine.

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Wire Sculpture with Melanie Deegan ● 13.11.2023 ● 2-4.30pm ●∙£30 

Explore the use of wire as a way to create 3D structures.

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Introduction to Dry Point Printing at Albatross ● 15.11.2023 ● 10am-4pm ● £70

A one-day workshop introducing you to the joys of intaglio printmaking.

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Sculpture Workshop with Melanie Deegan ● 20.11.2023 ● 10am-4pm ● £70 

This is a one day workshop to create a small finished sculpture using mixed media

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Collage Still Life with Patrick Bremer ● 21.11.2023 ● 10am-4.30pm ● £60

Create a unique still life collage using analogue cutting methods, photos, maps and more.

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Indian Block Printing with Caroline Bradbury ● 21.11.2023 ● 6-8pm ● £20 

Come and design your own apron in this relaxed session using Indian block printing techniques.

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Exploring Drawing with Zoe Snape ● 27.11.2023 and 28.11.2023 ● 10am-12pm ● £60 

A beginner’s guide to exploring drawing, including practical experiments, theory and composition.

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Exploring Contemporary Art with Zoe Snape ● 27.11.23 and 28.11.2023 ● 1-3pm ● £60 

A beginner’s guide to exploring, viewing, understanding and talking about Contemporary Art with confidence.

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Introduction to Watercolour with Natasha Eveleigh ● 28.11.2023 and 05.12.2023 ● 10.30am-12.30 ● £60 

An introduction to watercolour painting and loose florals.

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Photo Etching at Albatross ● 29.11.2023 ● 10am-4pm ● £75

You will learn how to make an etching using your own photograph as source material.

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