Kitchen Conversation: Kathy Hinde and Pat Wolseley

DATE: 21.07.2022

TIME: 18.00-21.00

LOCATION: East Quay Kitchen

COST: £18

Explore the fascinating world of Lichens with local lichenologist Pat Wolseley and discover how they have inspired exhibiting artist Kathy Hinde to create her new installation at East Quay.

Join Pat and Kathy in conversation to explore how lichens function as a community of different organisms cooperating in a symbiotic relationship. Lichens are both extremely sensitive, yet some can also survive in extreme conditions. They respond to environmental conditions, including the impact of human activity.

Kathy’s installation combines films made with lichen, developed with plants, presented on adapted 1930s projectors that respond to live air quality data, accompanied by electronic music stimulated by plants.

The talk will be followed by a menu of light bites made from locally sourced ingredients.


Cheddar valley strawberry & jalapeño gazpacho served with pesto palmier.

Salt marsh lamb kofta served with garlic yoghurt & samphire.

Merguez sausage & feta baked croissant served with caper, foraged herb & red onion salad.

Sweet & sour aubergine bruschetta served with an Italian wild broccoli and nettle dressing.

Falafel sliders served with tahini slaw, and pineapple and radish kimchi.

Sicilian cannoli served with sweet ricotta, and a gooseberry & rosemary compote.