Yoga in the Gallery with Manjula Cote - Block 3

Yoga in the Gallery with Manjula Cote
Classes will run from 6:30 – 7:30pm in Gallery One at East Quay
£10 per session OR £40 for the series + £2 booking fee

Block Three dates:

  • Wednesday 3rd July
  • Wednesday 17th July
  • Wednesday 24th July
  • Wednesday 31st July
  • Wednesday 7th August

Manjula is trained in various styles of Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Breathwork. She is also a registered Nutritional Therapist and Herbalist. She worked in the media industry for many years and experienced first-hand the impact a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle can place on well-being. It was this that led to her desire to retrain in a profession that would help restore health and balance to her own life and enable her to better serve those around her.

Manjula has dedicated a large part of her life to studying the art of yoga and has trained with many phenomenal teachers from around the world. She originally trained in Integral and Hatha Yoga and since then has done extensive further training - this includes a specialist course in Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs. At the heart of her teaching is the importance of being present and reconnecting with ourself and the natural world around us.

For Manjula, yoga is more than just what happens on the mat, it’s a lifestyle choice that affects all aspects of our lives. Yoga is a never-ending path of discovery and growth and for her it’s an absolute joy to be on this amazing adventure!

Over the years one of the main reasons people have given her for not wanting to come to class is that they are too inflexible. To this the reply is always the same – "that’s exactly the reason to start yoga!" When some people begin the practice or haven’t practiced for a while, they feel stiff. This can lead them to feel disheartened and frustrated. However, with patience and consistency, movement is gently transformed and suppleness comes.

Yoga teaches us to have patience and treat the body with love and care. It also teaches us to trust and be guided by our own intuition and inner guidance.

Manjula believes yoga has something to offer everyone, whether it is increased flexibility, improved health, reduced stress or a deeper spiritual understanding. The important thing is to have fun and enjoy the journey it takes you on. Manjula’s classes are joyful and full of encouragement. New students and beginners are always welcome.

Booking is essential.

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