Onion Collective

Onion Collective CIC was set up in 2012, when plans for a major development of flats on the marina quayside in Watchet had just fallen through. Rather than witness more commercial development that had no community benefit, we realised that by pooling our skills and resources we could help empower our community to make the decisions about what developments take place themselves.

Watchet Boat Museum

We worked with our local community, asking people 'What does Watchet need for a stronger future?'  From that consultation, we built a purpose built Visitor Centre and restored Boat Museum, restored a derelict field to a community garden, built a pavilion with 50 volunteers and started a project called Watchet Community Makers. The experience we have gained from these projects mean that we can now help other communities achieve the same.

Watchet Pleasure Garden Pavilion. Image: Glyn Jarrett

Chloë Hemming
Learning and Engagement Officer
Connor Hallett
Chef, East Quay Kitchen
Agnès Egerton-Bland
Kitchen Assistant, East Quay Kitchen
Charlotte Mann
General Assistant
Thea Sanders
Head of Learning
Molly Philpott
Shop Manager
Miriam Higgs
Arts Administration and Evaluation Officer
Millie Laing-Tate
Assistant Curator
Billy Malone
Assistant, East Quay Kitchen
Rachel Drakeley
Front of House Supervisor, East Quay Kitchen
Taylor Harris
Chef, East Quay Kitchen
Ellis Marie
Front of House Supervisor, East Quay Kitchen
Rebecca Tonkinson
Retail and Admin Assistant
Fiona Payne
Visitor Centre Manager
George Harwood Smith
Tim Robb
Finance Manager
Jess Prendergrast
Director (Culture, Arts & Economics)
Naomi Griffith
Director (General Manager East Quay)
Georgie Grant
Director (PR and Community Engagement)
Sally Lowndes
Director (Sustainability Champion)
Kiri Carter
Office Manager
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