Who's who at East Quay?

The team at East Quay have a wide-ranging previous experience, from establishing and running community facilities, managing tourist attractions, academic and government research and consultancy, TV production management, local environmental conservation work and staging exhibitions and cultural events.

For current job opportunities at East Quay, please visit onioncollective.co.uk

Kara Wood
Front of house, East Quay Kitchen
Stuart Booker
Project Assistant, East Quay
Billy Malone
Assistant, East Quay Kitchen
Rachel Drakeley
Assistant, East Quay Kitchen
Taylor Harris
Assistant, East Quay Kitchen
Izzi Binding
Assistant, East Quay Kitchen
Ellis Marie
Kitchen Assistant, East Quay Kitchen
Terri Hancock
Restaurant Lead, East Quay Kitchen
Sean Goswell
Assistant Chef, East Quay Kitchen
Richard Pettitt
Head Chef, East Quay Kitchen
Rebecca Tonkinson
Retail and Admin Assistant
Chris Spink
Production Manager
Fiona Payne
Visitor Centre Manager
Tim Lyddon
Bio Technician
George Harwood Smith
Curator/ Producer
Tim Robb
Finance Manager
Rachel Kelly
Director (Capital Build and Project Management)
Jess Prendergrast
Director (Culture, Arts & Economics)
Naomi Griffith
Director (General Manager)
Georgie Grant
Director (PR and Community Engagement)
Sally Lowndes
Director (Sustainability Champion)
Kiri Carter
Office Manager
Alison Jane Hoare
Creative Assistant
Cat Smith
Head of Education