Adult Art Courses and Workshops April 2024

We have lots of creative courses to choose from...

Photo Etching with Jenny Graham at Albatross Print Studio ● 11.04.2024 ● 10am-4pm ● £75

In this one-day workshop, learn how to make an etching using your own photograph as source material.

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Dynamic Drawing & Sculpture Studies with Zoe Snape and Melanie Deegan ● 15.04.2024 ● 10am-5pm ● £90

A day’s exploration of figurative gesture drawing and wire sculpture.

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Exploring Watercolour with Zoe Snape ● 22.04.2024 , 23.04.2024, 29.04.2024, 30.04.2024  ● 9.30-11am ● 4- session course £90 

A practical introduction to building confidence in the fundamentals of watercolour painting.

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Exploring Acrylics with Zoe Snape ● 22.04.2024 , 23.04.2024, 29.04.2024, 30.04.2024 ● 11.30am-1pm ● 4- session course £90 

An experimental introduction to painting with acrylics.

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Bookbinding Workshop with Megan Stallworthy of Celandine Books ●16.04.2024 ● 10.30am-4pm ● £60

Learn bookbinding techniques and make two beautiful handmade books

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Introduction to Linocut with Lisa Takahashi at Albatross Print Studio ● 18.04.2024 is fully booked ● Additional date added 20.04.202410am-4pm ● £70

You will be introduced to the principles of the dynamic and addictive process of linocut printing.

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Sculpture Workshop with Melanie Deegan ● 22.04.2024 ● 10am-4pm ● £70 

This is a one day workshop to create a small finished sculpture using wire, acrylic resin and mixed media. No previous experience is required and the day will be suitable for all levels of ability.

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Spring Season Art Journal with Natasha Eveleigh ● 23.04.2024 to 30.04.2024 ● 10.30am-12.30pm ● 2- session workshop £50

Spark your creativity and make your own folding art journal, exploring mixed media and fun painting techniques.

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Introduction to Drypoint Printing with Lisa Benson at Albatross Print Studio ● 27.04.2024 ● 10am-4pm ● £70

A one-day workshop introducing you to intaglio printmaking.

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