Adult Art Courses and Workshops March 2024

We have lots of creative courses to choose from...

Sculpture Workshop with Melanie Deegan ● 03.03.2024 ● 10am-4pm ● £70 

This is a one day workshop to create a small finished sculpture using wire, acrylic resin and mixed media. No previous experience is required and the day will be suitable for all levels of ability.

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Exploring Charcoal with Zoe Snape ● 04.03.2024 to 25.03.2024 ● 9.30-11am ● 4- session course £90

A explorative introduction to sketching with charcoal.

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Exploring Oils with Zoe Snape ● 04.03.2024 to 25.03.2024 ● 11.30am-1pm● 4- session course £90

A thorough introduction to painting with oil paints.

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Wire Sculpture Workshop with Melanie Deegan ● 04.03.2024 ● 2-4.30pm ● £30 

An accessible approach to sculpture, the workshop explores the use of wire as a way to create 3D structures

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Viscosity Printing with Sue Lowe at Albatross Print Studio ● 07.03.2024 ● 10am-4pm ● £70

Viscosity printing explores the exciting effects of rolling different viscosities of ink across the surface of a plate.

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Introduction to Kitchen Lithography with Lisa Benson at Albatross Print Studio ● 09.03.2024 ● 10am-4pm ● £70

Kitchen lithography makes use of the principle of oil and water repelling each other to create prints.

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Candle Painting Workshop with Natasha Eveleigh ● 12.03.2024 ● 10.30am-12.30pm ● £30

Have fun designing and painting patterns on 2 long stem candles.

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Screen Printing on Paper 1-day Intensive Workshop with Sue Lowe and Sarah Ward at Albatross Print Studio ● 16.03.2024 ● 10am-4pm ● £120

A one-day, intensive workshop for anyone wishing to explore the potential of silkscreen printing on paper.

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Experimental Drypoint with Sally Hebeler at Albatross Print Studio  ● 21.03.2024 ● 10am-4pm ● £70

Make plates on drypoint paper, tetra pack and acetate, explore ways to adapt and extend traditional drypoint printmaking.

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Fancy Easter Egg Painting with Natasha Eveleigh ● 26.03.2024 ● 10.30am-12.30pm ● £30

Transform ordinary ceramic Easter decorations into vibrant works of art 

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