Kitchen Conversation: Neville Gabie and Suzanne Lacy

In conversation with Curator Tessa Jackson, Neville Gabie and Suzanne Lacy (connected via zoom) will discuss the challenges and rewards in developing working relationships within communities as a means of considering its physical, cultural or emotional geography.

This talk will be followed by a chance to ask questions and a delicious meal at East Quay Kitchen.


Turlu turlu (Turkish spiced ratatouille)
Braised fennel, swede and peas with tahini dressing
Sauteed cavalo nero with preserved lemon yoghurt
Roasted aubergine and celeriac with chilli and rose pesto
Cous cous and quince
Bread roll selection

Kitchen Conversations are linked to exhibitions, with artists holding informal conversations with related professionals providing an interesting and informative additional insight to the exhibition programme.

Speakers over the past five years have included author Penelope Lively, socially engaged practitioner Eloise Malone and a range of artists including Kosmo Vinyl, Jon England and Chris Dobrowolski.

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