Foley Circus Show by Collective ConTakt




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Come along to the East Quay Courtyard to see Foley, a Contemporary circus show for all ages by Collective ConTakt performed by five acrobatics and a musician.

Foley is a thrilling contemporary circus show for all ages, brought to you by Collective ConTakt. They are a circus collective specialising in high level acrobatics and live music. The group have their roots in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and the UK, and are touring Foley to outdoor venues across the south-west this summer.

Foley explores the highs and lows of togetherness, with exquisite live music, performed by a musician and five acrobats. Foley is full of surprises, touching on themes of vulnerability and trust with light-hearted, playful silliness. Their tall, human towers and high throws will take your breath away!

This south-west tour of Foley is brought to you via Circus Around And About 2.

Watch ConTakt's trailer for Foley below.


"Live on site, a musician provides the perfect sound backdrop, from beatboxing, to sounds that are precisely matched to the movements of the acrobats, to atmospheric instrumental interludes. The interaction with each other and with the audience results in a harmonious whole, which could always surprise and provide for laughter.” 

Fabian Kleindienst

Audience Reaction transcript from Fits Festival audience 2023:

It was amazing, it was the best show I have ever seen. It was awesome, you guys are going to love seeing them. They just keep topping every performance and they just keep going higher and higher and not just in a figurative way of speaking, they are actually literally on top of each other like 3 stories high."

"I loved it, it's a great performance. It is fantastic, so much effort and coordination: just WOW!"

"Very original, nice work and amazing team!"

"I have never seen anything like this: beatboxing with the people and making music out of it was amazing!"

"It was lovely, like a miracle. You saw that the reaction of the public was incredible. We are so happy we were able to have you at FITS festival. Thank your for your wonderful show!" Director of FITS Festival Sibiu

Audience reactions from Berlin:

"It was so cool the way they jumped, and the music, it was unique and so exciting, make sure you go to see them" (Audience member from inclusive kids group)

"I've just come out of the performance completely recharged. For me, that's actually art. It's as lively as children make it. My 5-year-old was beside himself with joy and his whole body was involved, and so was mine. I take home excitement, suspense and a lot of liveliness from these enthusiastic performers. Thank you very much!" (Opera Singer from Berlin)

Image credit: Andreas Stueckl

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