Words in Watchet: 'Turning the Tables on Burnout' with Ann Diment

'Turning the Tables on Burnout' with Ann Diment

Saturday, 17th February 2024 - 5pm - 6pm

East Quay Kitchen

FREE event - booking required

Discover a transformative guide in 'Turning the Tables on Burnout,' where Ann M. Diment provides invaluable tips and techniques to help you effectively navigate the stresses of work life. Within these pages, you'll uncover a wealth of powerful resources, enabling you to reclaim your vitality and break free from the grip of burnout. Rediscover the balance in your life and burn brighter!

This comprehensive handbook is a must-read for anyone who has grappled with burnout. Brimming with 'burn brighter' insights which, combined with the tools to build your own resilience toolkit alongside personal experiences and stories shared, empowers you to identify and confront burnout, while seeking the healing you need. It also busts myths around why we burnout – spoiler alert- it’s not all about you!

Ann is a Creative Changemaker who empowers burned out professionals to become compassionate and resilient leaders through the power of creative wellbeing tools and mindful self-care coaching.

Ann has spent most of her adult life trying to understand why she was burning out, & how to prevent it happening again. As owner of Work Safe and Well, she campaigns, trains, and coaches on beating burnout and smashing stigma about mental health. She has published a best-selling book 'Turning the Tables on Burnout' to share her tips.

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