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Cosmo Johnson

Essence of Watchet, 2021

I have always felt that the essential Essence of Watchet is people - locals, residents and visitors all contribute towards making the Town of Watchet what it is. Watchet has always welcomed strangers including St Decuman who after a slight hiccup (he was beheaded) was embraced and founded our Parish Church.

Sailors and soldiers, painters and poets, Royalty, refugees, ragamuffins, engineers and entrepreneurs have visited. Some stayed to become part of the community but all have been involved in making our Town the active, vibrant and interesting place it always has been and remains. (The scenery and location help too). "Without people you're nothing" Joe Strummer: Somerset resident and sometimes visitor to Watchet. The backdrop is an image by Doris Hatt who was an amazing person and Watchet homeowner for many years.

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