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Frank Cammidge

The Essence of Watchet, 2021

The idea behind my bottle starts with the book-ends, on the top I have the anchor that presents itself as you enter the town from Washford then on the base we have the marina. In a way, the marina, a failing industrial project full of mud and falling with each tide into further disuse. Akin to all the industry that has left the town - leaving Watchet in the post-industrial position we see today.

The ball of paper you see hanging in the centre of the bottle is supposed to be a cloud full of all the wonderful things the community coming together makes Watchet the amazing place we now live in today. There are two keys representing the east and west quay, a piece of music references to the festival, wheelbarrow race, summertime and all the live music that happens in the pubs and clubs all year round. There are happy emojis and a tankard and a can of drink referencing the amazing pub life here. Surrounding my cloud is supposed to be all the colours of the rainbow. Above my happy little cloud is the sun as the sun that always shines in Watchet.

"In the bottom, I’ve got Watchet mud, with a bit of the marina and a little red boat. Cos undercutting everything you’ve got the reality of the mud and the difficulties in Watchet....[but I’ve put] a cloud in the middle filled with little bits of joy and happiness, like bits of the festival and flags. The unreality and joy of living here, but still the mud at the bottom. Know what I mean?"

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