Creativity Boxes loan service

Our creativity box loan service equips teachers in providing ambitious and creative art lessons that are fun and easy to deliver.

Each creativity box has been designed by an artist with East Quay’s education team, is STEAM-linked, employs less-familiar artforms and uses a ‘future thinking’ theme to highlight important global issues and inspire pupils to make a positive contribution to our world. These boxes will be available to hire later in 2022.

Within each box, four progressive lessons allow pupils to explore the new tools, techniques, and materials, then apply new learning to a specific outcome or piece. Boxes contain all specialist equipment and resources, curriculum-linked planning and digital files to further support box delivery.

Year 3 & 4 pupils at Crowcombe CE VA Primary School, 2021

Modelling and sculpting

London-based sculptor Jessica Wetherly makes difficult ideas accessible through the concept of ‘animal allegory’. Explore a range of threatened biodiverse habitats and ecosystems, though the perspective of some of their key inhabitants.

Year 1 and 2 - Butterflies

Learn about caterpillars and the important role of the butterfly in pollinating flowering plants. Find out how we can encourage more butterflies to provide for healthy meadow habitats. Make clay bowls to collect seeds to grow flowering plants and create a large-scale whole class caterpillar sculpture using willow and tissue paper.

Year 3 and 4 - Puffins

Explore the habitat and living perspective of the puffin, considering the importance of marine conservation and the connections between land and marine creatures and habitats. Cast a seabed habitat using clay and plaster, then sculpt a puffin using specialist modelling clay.

Year 5 and 6 - Bats

Study the bat’s perspective as a key indicator of healthy woodland habitats and consider ways that humans can protect these ancient woodlands. Make a woodland creature mask using paper folding techniques, then create a sculpted bat model for a whole class installation.

Year 2 pupils at Old Cleeve CE First School, 2021


Watchet-based contemporary blacksmith, Dot Kuzniar explores the theme of community and what it means to show kindness, demonstrate empathy and respect diversity whilst learning metalwork skills.

Year 1 and 2 - Together as one

What is a community and how does it make us feel? Consider ways that we as individuals can contribute to a community. Pupils are encouraged to experiment and play to create textures in thin sheet metals and foils that will come together in a collective hanging installation.

Year 3 and 4 - A Quirky Quilt

What important issues are we passionate about? Pupils learn to identify their feelings towards global as well as personal affairs. Children will learn to use a variety of metalwork tools to cut, file, hammer and punch into different metals, combining finished pieces to form a metal quilt.  

Work for A Quirky Quilt by Year 4 pupils from Minehead First School

Year 5 and 6 - Future Faces

Consider themes of identity and diversity within our own communities and those further afield. Make masks by forming sheet metals and meshes, combining the two, and use wires to form words that remind us of kindness and hope.

Year 5 pupils from Minehead Middle School, 2021

We hope that schools will really enjoy these specially designed boxes. The aim is to bring ambitious and creative lessons that are fun and easy for the teachers to deliver while promoting skills progression and a broader experience for learners.

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