Contains Art is founded on the belief that who you are, what you have and where you are from should not restrict access to the highest quality arts, cultural and creative opportunities and experiences.

Its purpose is to raise ideas, open minds, invite discussion and encourage a social, economic, and environmental conversation through culture, as well as bringing simple joy, beauty, and wonder into people’s lives. It seeks to confound expectations of what visiting a gallery is like in a place like ours.

Our charity number is 1193931.

Please can you help to support the arts?

The galleries at East Quay are run by a charity, Contains Art CIO. We are committed to providing free access to our galleries, events and opportunities whenever possible. Nonetheless, we also rely on your generosity in giving donations to help support our cultural work.All donations made at East Quay or via this website are directed to Contains Art. Your donation helps us to fund art, culture and arts education.

Support us

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From new exhibitions and opening parties, to family events and activities, accommodation offers and wider news, let us know your preferences below and we’ll get started!
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