Past Exhibition in Studio 10: ANYTHING MOVING by Kitchen Table Photo Club and Esther May Campbell

04.03.2023 - 26.03.2023

On Saturday, March 4, our new Studio 10 exhibition: Anything Moving - Photography, Films and Bewilderment Cards by Kitchen Table Photo Club and Esther May Campbell opens at East Quay. This exhibition tells stories of human, spirit, and animal kin.

The young people shown played make-believe and tied camera traps to trees and rocks and waited like foxes, watching with Eagle Eyes and listening with deer ears. They recorded the sounds of wind and trees and laughter.

After a year, filmmaker, Esther May Campbell collaged their findings into three audio-visual pieces that shatter the boundaries between worlds.Kitchen Table Photo Club is a weekly, on going arts club, emerging from the heart of home, around a fire & kitchen table in Easton, Bristol. Kids gather to look at books, fiddle with analogue cameras and exhibit work, while fostering friendship, connection and emotional resilience.

For more information, please visit: esthermaycampbell.com


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