Past exhibition in Studio 10: END OF YEAR SHOW by Danesfield School pupils

14.06.2024 - 17.06.2024

Danesfield School pupils
14.06.2024 - 17.06.2024

This exhibition showcases a variety of artworks created by pupils of Danesfield School, over the past year. The pupils explored a variety of mediums and making processes, inspired by artists working in different periods throughout history. They also used a range of making processes to portray contrasting moods, emotions and ideas.

Year 5 drew designs onto fish with paint-pens, inspired by Indigenous Australian Art. They also looked at Austrian artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, when creating their mixed-media artworks, using oil pastels, watercolours, and yarn.

Year 6 created sculptures using wire armatures and modelling clay, incorporating bright colours and costume designs, to create lively and heroic characters inspired by the epic poem, Beowulf.

In Year 7, pupils explored batik - a textiles technique which uses hot wax and dyes to create a resist-design on fabric. Their floral designs were inspired by American Modernist painter, Georgia O’Keefe.

In their 3D work, Year 8 looked at Wayne Thiebaud’s colourful food artworks. They then created a collection of fun mod-roc cakes and ice creams, juxtaposed alongside more morose human figures made with steel wire and mod-roc, inspired by Alberto Giacometti’s famous sculptures.

A group of Art Ambassadors from Year 7 and 8 visited East Quay to share ideas for their collaborative exhibition. Working alongside the East Quay Team, the group explored different ways of exhibiting their artwork and had a tour of the East Quay Open 2024, in Gallery 1. Working collectively, they then decided how to present the artworks you see on display in Studio 10.


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