Past Exhibition in Studio 10: SOUVENIR by Beth Fox

07.08.2023 - 31.08.2023

STUDIO 10 Project Space is open daily, from 10am - 5pm.

“There was the sea, like a recurring character that you forget about for long stretches.”
- Elif Batuman

Souvenir is a new exhibition of moving image, drawings and installation by Beth Fox. The exhibition draws on the artist’s memories of working in a sweet shop in a coastal town in the summer of 2010, not long after she immigrated to the UK from Ireland.

The exhibition remakes a seaside kiosk or gift shop; selling sweet and sickly disposables to visitors. With an inventory of candy floss, cigarettes and sticks of rock, the shop offers a reflection on the transactional and transitory relationships forged in holiday destinations. It prompts us to consider how tourism redefines our relationship with place, the impact of tourism on local communities, and the social dynamics that emerge between locals and visitors.


Beth Fox (she/her) is a multimedia artist based in London. She is interested in oral storytelling, autobiography and anecdote. In her videos she tells personal stories using a combination of appropriated footage and self-shot scenes. Immigration, labour, and food are recurring themes in her work.

Recent exhibitions include: Independent Contractor, Platform Arts Belfast (2023), Mirrorlamppress, online (2023), The London Open, Whitechapel Gallery (2022), Soft Focus cultural exchange, Busan, South Korea (2021), Biscuit Tin Film Festival, Embassy Gallery, Scotland (2021), Re-Vision Arts Festival, Belfast, Ireland (2021), and Much Too Shy, AIR Gallery, Manchester (2020).


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