POD 5 ARTIST RESIDENCY 2022: Andy Council

Graffiti artist Andy Council transforms Pod 5 at East Quay

Designed by Pearce+, each of the five accommodation pods at East Quay have their own concept and story, reflecting the town, its culture, heritage, and future. Each year, Contains Art invites a different artist/maker/creative practitioner to use the interior of Pod 5 as their canvas, transforming it into an immersive artwork/installation for guests to enjoy year-round during their stay.

Pod 5 is situated on the highest level of East Quay, accessed via the second viewing terrace with views of the Bristol Channel and the marina. The pod also has an unexpected role as a trainspotter’s paradise – its gallery window looks out over the West Somerset Railway line affording unparalleled views of approaching trains.

The first interior commission for Pod 5 was created by Bristol-based graffiti artist and illustrator Andy Council. During his residency, Andy worked with children from two local middle schools to explore what creativity meant to them through a series of graffiti workshops. Together, they created powerful, bold and energetic designs which spread throughout the space. At the end of the year, the space was white-washed, ready for a new artist to take on the commission in an ever-evolving gallery of live-in art.


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