Past Exhibition: SHIFT - Nine Artists Respond to Somerset's Brilliant Coast

19.10.2021- 28.11.2021

In partnership with Somerset Wildlife Trust, Contains Art and professional artists Jenny Barron, Julia Manning, Lyn Mowat, Jane Hood, Jane Mowat, Judy Willoughby, Alison Jacobs, Sara Dudman, and Angela Wood presented Somerset’s Brilliant Coast, a HPC CIM funded coastal engagement project at East Quay's project space in 2021.  

With additional funding from Arts Council England, the artists produced new works in a range of media to celebrate the Somerset Coast, its nature, and people.

...can art, by engaging with science, can it influence people?

The exhibition came about as part of an inter-disciplinary collaboration over many months between the contributing artists, and ran from October-November 2021. Mentored by environmental artist, Pete Ward, as well as coastal experts from the Wildlife Trust and other partners, the project allowed for scientific understanding of coastal ecology to intersect with the artists' perceptions and interpretations of this unique and special stretch of coast and its threats.

Our coast is dynamic and has always been constantly changing and is subject to new and different pressures from climate change and other human impacts. It may take a shift in perception to truly realise how resilient our coastal habitats are and will need to be in the future. 


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