Studio 10 Residency 2022: JENNI DUTTON

August 2022
Studio 10, first floor

Jenni Dutton is a multi media artist based in Somerset. Jenni is well known for her extraordinary portraits known as The Dementia Darnings, but this month at East Quay, she will be focusing her attentions on work linked to her activity as a Climate Activist @WeareWiveyXR

Jenni's handmade masks and cloaks have taken centre stage, along with banners, tote bags and signs, all with a very strong set of messages. In August 2022, visitors were invited to join her and take part in completing a new piece, using found plastic from the local beaches, as she also worked on her Oceans Crisis cloak.

It’s been the best outreach I could have imagined!

If you would like to find out more about any of Jenni's past projects, or hear about her next project (she will be creating conceptual clothing from human hair for the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York) links to her website and social media accounts can be found below.

Jenni Dutton



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