Studio 5 - Melanie Deegan

Melanie Deegan creates distinctive sculptures that use a range of materials to emphasise the movement of the subject, inspiration for which comes from various sources including photographs, paintings, and real life. Deegan’s current practice is focussed on large sculptures suitable for outdoor locations.

“An image resonates and in my mind I can almost inhabit the shape, wanting to reduce the structure until it is almost transparent, etching away until all that is left is a ghost. But at the same time I love texture and want to include this, the shapes of ancient things, nature, man-made objects and abstract images. I like the way that space and structure evolve around each other to create the final balance.”

Experimenting with different materials and techniques Melanie has developed a method of working that lends itself to the creation of dynamic physical designs. Using wire and steel to draw the image in 3D this sketch is then developed to add the texture and detail that will evolve into a finished sculpture. Often resulting in energetic and fragmented forms Melanie uses space to invite the viewer to engage, using their imagination to fill the void.