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The galleries at East Quay are run by Contains Art CIO, a charity which is founded on the belief that who you are, where you live and what you have, should not constrain access to creativity and culture.

The purpose of our exhibitions is to raise ideas, open minds, invite discussion and encourage a social, economic, and environmental conversation through art. To bring joy, beauty, wonder, and fun into people’s lives. Three guiding themes underpin our exhibition programming at East Quay. These themes raise questions of interest and engagement that we believe are both locally and universally relevant.

Identity & Belonging

What makes us who we are as humans and within a rural isolated context; what informs our senses of self, identity, otherness and culture?

Community & Place

What does it mean to be people in a place? What are our local commitments and what are the universal connections that bind us?

Climate & Change

How do people and the planet come to a new settlement? How can communities and humankind interpret and navigate the tumultuous times ahead?

To find out more about Contains Art CIO click here to visit our pages.

Installation shot, Liv Torc, Better Than This, 2022, Credit: Joseph Horton

Installation shot, Bedwyr Williams, The See Wall, 2022, Credit: Glyn Jarrett

Installation shot, Laura Ford, Reveal and Conceal, 2022, Credit: Jon England

Gallery 1

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