Gallery 2

The galleries at East Quay are run by Contains Art CIO, a charity which is founded on the belief that who you are, where you live and what you have, should not constrain access to creativity and culture.

Our opening exhibition, ‘More Together Than Alone’, explores the communal bonds that tie us to each other and to place. This exhibition explores what it means to be part of a community of place and why these ties are so critical to our sense of security, identity, and togetherness.

Curated by Neville Gabie and Tessa Jackson OBE, the exhibition brings together works created by the community of Watchet, with artwork from Neville Gabie, Suzanne Lacy and Deanna Payne.

Each artist explores in their work how we exist in a place – a town, a location, an environment - and alongside others in that same space and within the social constructs, networks and relationships formed by the people around us.

‘More Together Than Alone’ is an exhibition true to its title; it places equal weight on every voice, every bottle, beach artwork. All are a valuable part of the whole, but it is in the very multiplicity and diversity of ideas, conversations and identities that we see how together, a powerful sense of belonging and shared community is created and nurtured.